Select blinds integration via HomeKit

Has anyone tried using the Select Blinds with HomeKit with Home Assistant?

I’ve been about them and they mention they work via Bluetooth and Thread. It seems with the new Bluetooth revamp I may now be able to integrate them easily. I’m curious if anyone has done this just to get certainty as you can’t return these blinds hehe.

Reason I like these blinds is since these support thread and Bluetooth and are “matter ready” maybe in the future I would not have to depend on Bluetooth to control the blinds once matter / thread is supported in HA and on these blinds such that they can talk to each other.

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Any luck getting this working?

Never purchased them because we went with Bali instead. However I do feel it would work really well now. I’d take a chance if I were you. Just add some ESPHome bt proxies and those should allow it to work.

I was able to get this working with homekit controller. Now that I have thread up and running I may give that a try however I suspect it may be a bit early to go this direction.

Nice! Did you need some BT Proxies or no?