Select match all/any when multiple labels selected in call service

If you select multiple labels in a call service I would love to have a feature where you can say match enteties with any labels or all labels.

For example, I would wanna do a call service to dim all my lamps but only in the living room (I have many lamps across my home). All lamps have label “Lamp” and all my living room entities has the label “Living Room”.

If I now select both those labels in my call there should be an option for matching all labels or any labels.

Would even be easier if you select Living Room as an area and Lamp as a label to have the option to match areas and labels.

Yes, you’re right, that would be great.
I initially thought that’s exactly how it would work (with the all case), but unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

I currently do this by attaching an additional label to the respective entities/devices, e.g. Living Room - Lamp in your case, but this can quickly become very cumbersome if you find other uses.

So I would love it if there was an option like the one you described. If necessary also via HACS.