Select Netflix (or other apps) in Android TV

Since a couple of months ago, my Sony Bravia Android TV used to have a very detailed set of sources which actually was the list of the installed apps. It was totally easy to create a script using the “select source” service to turn on the TV and start the given app (ie Netflix, Disney+ and so on).

Suddenly, the source list became much more detailed, including only HDMI1, HDMI2, Composite and, well, the real TV sources :slight_smile: and ofc my script stopped working.

I was wondering if there is a way to get my script working again. I see I could use ADB but I’m not really expert on that protocol and btw it looks a bit overkill to me.

Is ADB really the only way?

Seems so:

Do you use NodeRed? I control my Bravia devices with the NodeRed Bravia integration and it works great.

Can start a number of the main apps. I have buttons with logos (Plex, Netflix etc) in my dash that send the TV to that app with a single press