Select which Emby Instances / IPs to add to entities

I connected Emby to my HA following this guide, which obviously pretty much works.

There is just one issue: Every Emby Instance is added as a HA entity. Meaning that there is an entity for Emby on my Apple TV, an entity for Emby on my phone, an entity for Emby on my laptop. So far so good.

However, a new entity also gets created when I access Emby through the browser (chrome). And this isn’t always the same one. A new emby-chrome-entity gets created every now and then. So far I have 10 different Emby Chrome entities (media_player.emby_chrome_1, media_player.emby_chrome_2, and so on).

I don’t really need/want those chrome instances shown as entities in HA. Is there any way to only target specific emby devices in HA and keep others (especially Chrome in my case) from creating new entities?

I know this is an old topic, but I also have the same issue and am unable to find a solution. Were you ever able to @loocd ?

Unfortunately not, it’s pure chaos here, but I just left it that way and have 41 entities so far.

Thinking about just getting rid of the integration as I can’t see much use for it. What are you using it for?

Yeah, it’s slowly spawning more entities, and that’s before I open up my server to family and friends :man_facepalming: I’m really just using it to control the lights based on the status of the player.

That’s what I used it for as well, to turn on a light scene when it went from “anything” to “playing”. But I have noticed some odd behavior with this anyways - often times the light changed when i turned off the TV, so it seems like a wrong status was sent. Plus the issue with the dozens of entities.

My solution now is a smart plug with energy meter. Can’t get much more reliable than just checking the power flow :wink:

I highly suggest either a Shelly Plus 1PM (that’s what I have) or a Shelly Plug. Amazing Home Assistant integration and worlds better than other smart plugs (at least the ones available here).