Selecting a Solar system to integrate with HA

Currently I’m in the selection process to buy a solar system. One of my wish is to have local access to the data. Meaning not being dependent on a cloud U-turn where data is uploaded via a proprietary closed protocol and then retrieved via an API. Local data access could be RS232/485, Modbus, REST, HTTP, “P1”, etc…

Reading the different topics in this forum I do not get a good overview of “future proof” products or standards to include in the inverter buy selection. A proven and simple out of the box plug and play kind of integration installation and configuration in HA would be nice. Looking to the community topics from a “stable and proven solution” view point, is not useful because there the point is solving problems and/or creating new functionality. When the solution is good, it’s likely to be quite (invisible) here in the forum.

On my current short list are SMA, SolarEdge and Enphase.

Which solar inverters integrate well with Home Assistant; for now and (likely) in the future (no loss of functionality due to e.g. (firmware) updates or conversion to a paid service)?