Selecting Mediaplayer with a Dropdown

Hi! I started using Home Assistant yesterday (on a RPi 4, if it makes any difference) and am still strugling. Probably a very easy question, but still… I have a bunch of Squeezeboxes, there is a nice Squeezebox integration in HA. I can start and stop media through HA, even automated, no problem. But I’d like to make an “advanced” dashboard.

There should be a drop down list, containing my Squeezeboxes ( I managed to create one as a “Helper” ). And depending, on which Squeezebox I select, the controls on that dashboard page, should use that Squeezebox. So, if I select the Bathroom-Squeezebox, the media player should affect the Bathroom-Squeezebox, the buttons, should affect the Bathroom-Squeezebox as well.

Here’s a screenshot of what I came up with yet.


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Ok, so what I need is basically some sort of variable-replacement, I think that might work with templates but I don’t know how…

First is a media-control:

type: media-control
entity: media_player.sb_schlaf

For that I have an “input_select” helper. The result should look like:

type: media-control
entity: (= Squeezebox selected in input_select )

And second, I have buttons. For example

type: button
… entity_id: media_player.sb_schlaf

This should also be

type: button
… entity_id: (= Squeezebox selected in input_select )

…how do I do that? Thanks!