Selective Hue configuration

I’m relatively new to Home Assistant and am trying to decide whether to get a hue bridge or build my own lighting system with DeCONZ. I have the following considerations:

It makes sense to me to leave things to do what they’re best at, so having a Hue bridge managing lights seems like a good idea. There’s a good chance of me breaking HA at some point, and it would be annoying if this takes out something as basic as lights.

On the other hand, having HA handle lights will let me better integrate it with other automations, to do things like occupancy simulation.

My question is: Can I use Hue’s scheduling but still maintain a degree of control over those schedules from Home Assistant. For example, when Away Mode gets enabled in HA, can I enable the occupancy simulation schedule in Hue, and disable it again when Away Mode is disabled?

Can I do this with Formulas from Hue Labs?

I’ve not seen anything to let you do that. I was assuming I’d have to do occupancy simulation using HA scripts/scenes for my Hue lights.

Will watch this thread in case there is something, as it would save having to create something Hue can already do.

The Hue component doesn’t expose it but its API should allow you to enable/disable schedules.

The same with deconz but you could do it using its’ service. I’m almost done with my move from hue bridge to deconz :+1:

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