Selector - Files in a directory


Is there a way to display the file names in a directory as a selection of your selector in a blueprint or a script?

I want to offer locally stored MP3 files as a selection, but have not found out how to do this in the documentation.

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Isn’t really a blueprint question,but selectors can only show things that are known.
That could be any from the list in the docs including text/roll your own. I do not think the field accepts a template or will do a list or a loop to build the YAML either. I think the only way is manually build a list. I have long lists of languages in my All-TTS script blueprint manually maintained, for instance.

There is the possibility something could be done with an object selector where some other template can build and update the YAML file to read from.

Selectors - Home Assistant.

Thanks for the tip. Let’s see if I can make something. Eckart