Self-hosted Google Assistant Integration via NodeRed

Highly customizable and reliable connection to Home Assistant through a server set up with your Node Red integration. I have fiber so YMMV, but sometimes it feels like commands are executed before the words are completely out of my mouth.

It’s bad enough that I need to say, ‘ok google’ but then I hate being told how I need to interact with a voice assistant (e.g. Tell blah to turn on blah etc.) I prefer one or two word commands and this app lets me do that. In fact, if you use room hints, you can use the same command in different rooms to only affect the devices in that room (e.g. ok google, lights on)

The setup instructions do a great job of walking you through. If you’re using a reverse proxy manager or cloudflare tunnels, be sure to check out the separate instructions that make it even simpler.

The only thing that tripped me up was understanding Home Assistant file paths. You need to make a JSON file accessible to Home Assistant. I used Samba to save the file to: \homeassistant\config\www\myfile.json. In my node red management node, I refer to it as: /homeassistant/www/myfile.json

I know it’s the year of the voice and I look forward to getting rid of google devices entirely, but until that happens, this works very well.

Cheers, Richard