Self sufficiency quota gauge query

Does this net gauge only work with data from when 2023.7 was installed onwards?

Reason I ask is, scrolling back in time I see a negative quota for the below which doesn’t seem right?

I fully charge my battery during overnight cheap rate from the grid and export way more during the day.

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Well after running with it, the value just does not seem accurate. It doesn’t seem to take into account how much you export?

Anyone know what calculation it does?

It appears to my the battery is not considered part of the self sufficiency quota. Today, I consumed roughly 50% from solar, 25% from grid and 25% from battery. The self sufficiency score was about 50% instead ofthe expected 75%.
I was looking if this was a known problem and came across this threat, so I wanted to check if you have the same thing before I open a bug report.

See 2023.7: Responding services - #173 by tom_l

Apparently it’s not a bug, it’s designed this way

This is how’s the SS ratio calculated, hence any form of storage is not going to be included.

My self-sufficiency graph shows negative values, which I don’t understand at all…

Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 13.14.13
Seems to suggest it does use batteries