Self thinking Sonoff 4CH

Running a Sonoff 4CH with the latest ESPHome software on it (1.18) , but at random times this unit decides to turn off / on the relais switches :

I already stopped the Node-Red service so this can’t change the status of this switch, but still at random times it toggle’s . Does anybody can lead me the way to solve this (maybe), or does it sounds familiar to you please let me know.

Do you have an uptime sensor for this device (to see if it is boot-looping)?

sure, the uptime sensor tells me : 1d 20h 18m 49s

So not boot-looping then.

Capture some logs from ESPHome and see if you can catch it in the act — hopefully to see if it’s HA or ESPHome itself triggering the toggle.

i already did, but at the moment i found this : RF Interference? · Issue #911 · arendst/Tasmota · GitHub

probably this will solve the issue