Sell house / update ha & ewelink

Hi :slight_smile: we will sell our house and so I need to prepare the HA transfer to new owner.
Any suggestions please?
Also I saw that some people experience some issues when changing account on ewe link. so before I start to change anything can you please tell me what steps you recommend?
For information I made a test and change the wifi password, then sync a sonoff. It take back it’s original ID as for example: “MINIR4”…does it means that I will also have to change all my settings in HA, regarding the cards, automation, etc?
thank you :slight_smile:

I always recommend starting over.

Its simply not possible to transfer a running HA install to a new owner in a secure fashion And they should not accept an install that has been prepared by someone else with alternate credentials. Flatten and reload is the only way to guarantee safety. Unless you are a provider for them with a contract.

Also in some jurisdictions you may actually be liable for support the new owner.

Factory default everything and if you’re being very nice, buy the new owner a bottle of champagne and a brand spanking new ha green and give them a folder with all the instructions on how to set it up

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Change User/password

Remove all personal account data

Any integration that require cloud account you can change user/password or create new account

Create nice sheet with instructions and account details. Be sure to include informative weblinks

Walk away. They will either know or want to learn or hate it and rip it out.

Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.


I disagree with the whole “nuke it” idea. Simply use an email address for your system which is purely for the home automation. That way you can just give it to the new owner and not have it related to you at all. Since you likely didn’t do that already, simple create a new email address (eg: GMail) and transfer the accounts for any devices etc to the new email address.

Sorry Dave

The problem is the prior owner could literally have ANYTHING installed in it and whatever is running on it runs in context of core and has access to EVERYTHING.

Feel free to accept such an install of you want but there is no way in h#lI would put my credentials for

Many many other integrations… I just need one password logger on the box when I give it to you and you are toast. I not saying it WILL happen but it’s certainly possible in that scenario.

The Only way to prevent it. - Flatten and reload

This is also the advice from most board of realtors when prepping to sell.

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The new owner can simply change the passwords once they take over, using their own PC which couldn’t possibly have your password logger on it.

No sir. I can install anything I want inside HA as an integration, cron job. Hidden code, addon. You pick. that’s the issue.

Imagine I had a module installed just listening left on this box. And you. The new owner ‘changed the passwords.’

Thrn new owner sets up Alexa in Nabu Casa

I now own thier Amazon account and thier Nabu Casa creds the minute the changed the pass or install a new integration. And can ship them off box with impunity.

Nuke it.

Even if you have an informed buyer willing to accept the risks you need to be very careful. For example, if your system includes any monitoring of security or safety devices, what if your automation or notification fails? Could you be held responsible or liable, even months or years later? Work with a local lawyer and ensure appropriate terms are included in your contract to protect yourself.


Nope, would not transfer a working setup. Don’t want the nightmare of becoming tech support for the buyer. Enough keeping my own stuff up to date and running. At most, would leave the smart devices for him to setup, with minimal input from me.


Don’t overthink this

Same issue exists with non smart home. Door locks, alarm codes, garage remotes, etc. all these had to be transferred to new owner. It is up to new owner to deal with the safety (physical and virtual) of home they purchase. You must only pass safe system. In case of smart home if there is expectation of operation you must legally leave it functioning but if not your only requirement is to remove any personal data from system. No different then emptying personal items from home as you leave

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Thank you for your answers. The question was also to know if other people experienced some issue when change the password/account onSONOFFLAN…looks like some people had big issues with that process…thank you