Send a notification, image and basic auth proxy

Hi Everyone,

Firstly, I’m fairly new to the forum, I’ve some initial attempts to find out if anyone else ran into the challenge I’m encountering and wasn’t able to instantly find something.

More about the setup

  • Home assistant runs in a docker
  • Public IP + certs etc. are all setup and functioning properly
  • Mobile devices etc. are all working and can communicate
  • The server serving the desired image is behind a basic auth proxy which works
  • The server serving the image is also running as a docker


  • I can’t move away from docker, the setup is a bit too complex
  • I would like to avoid unauthenticated access to these images

I tried using a combination of how to do basic auth in the URL ( http://username:[email protected]/), however the image on the Android phone does not load properly. Accessing it on a mobile browser or even a laptop this way works well.

I also tried to see if the data field had any key:-> result so that I could add password / username as variables, however I didn’t instantly find something like this.

Any pointers or tips and tricks on how I could solve this are very welcome! I have an alternative in mind on how I could solve it through using a VPN etc. However none of them are very elegant :slight_smile:

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