Send all your squeezebox buttons to Home Assistant via webhook

Hi everyone,

I thought it would be nice, if the physical buttons of the Squeezebox Radios could be used to trigger actions in Home Assistant.

So I created this little project today, which does exactly that:

Maybe you have some use for it.

A simple script watches the 3 input event device nodes used on the Squeezebox OS and sends a unique string (cut from hexdump) to a Home Assistant webhook.

A Home Assistant automation detects each of those key presses and triggers the corresponding action (the project automation script sends a message about which button was pressed).

Snippets from the README:

Heavily unpolished, feel free to send PRs or *(even better)* write a proper hassio-addon with a better user-experience.

Currently I do not plan do actively enhance the current state, but if you're interested in making something bigger out of it, I'd be glad to help.

Have fun!

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