Send Ariela notification from Node-Red

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I am moving my automation from HA to node-red.
For my Ariela notifications, I have initially just called the notify service from HA.

I am completely now to all of this, but learning quickly.
I was wondering if there was a palette (correct term?) to use with Ariela?

In my searching I did find node-red-contrib-fcm-push-node.
This appears to be the FCM push notification that Ariela uses, but I don’t know if it is this simple.

I guess I am wondering if it is worth the effort, or if it is just smarter to just call the HA notify service.


If your on a newer version of HA you can use the mobile API. Should be on by default but there is a page that talks about adding it to your config if you do not have default config specified.

The FCM in node red is not the exact same thing as the one Ariela uses. Yes the product is the same but Ariela integrates it into HA where you would call the service from node red vs calling FCM directly in node red.

Ariela recently integrated with the mobile app API so using it to get push notifications is very easy. Once its there you can call it from node red. If your not sure what your device is named, you can go into the service button in HA and type notify and all notify services should show up.

The JSON I use in the data field is as follows (Includes actionable notification)

{  "title": "Alarm Armed Home",   "message": "The Alarm has been armed in Home Mode.",        "data": {  "actions": [  {   "action": "disable_alarm",  "title": "Disarm Alarm?"  }   ]  }}
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Fantastic explanation @jcbbas!
I am still using the HANotify that Ariela used before the mobile app component was implemented. I haven’t changed yet as I figured if it is working, there is no hurry - might as well wait for any bugs to be squashed first.

That being said, I am using the call service for HA just as you show (except it is calling a different service{):

Thank you for the JSON though - I haven’t attacked using actionable notifications yet - and your example has it!


Hi jcbbas, I’d love to use this notification.
I use Node-Red, now, for my automations, and I want to send a notification to my Android smartphone.

If I go in my service button and type “notify” I only have “Telegram”: how can I add my mobile there?

If I do that, I can just use “notify” and select the right service to send notification?

Thanks a lot!!!

Did you go through all the install instructions for Ariela? Once that is done, the mobile app integration has to be added to your configuration.yaml.

Ariela instructions are here:

Mobile App is in further detail for Ariela here:

Once all that is done, yes you are correct. You can just go to notify and select the device you want to notify that has registered via Ariela.