Send command to alexa. Such as displaying my camera 1

Hello everyone!
I have my cameras´ (ubiquiti) being displayed by Alexa Echo show 5, through the skill (Monocle RTSP / RTP IP Cameras). I would like to be able to display my cameras (which are already as devices) with command through HA.

I wanted to create a script that performed a divice on alexa. As if I was asking to display my camera.

The idea is to use it on my doorbell.

Perhaps via this script

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Thanks, my idea is to display my camera when ringing my doorbell. That’s why I need to call her to be shown on echo show through a script.

I’ll try what you said.

There is no way to do this programmatically as there is no interface in the alexa-remote script that will allow triggering a video feed on a Show. There isn’t even a way to automatically trigger a video feed from the Echo itself (has to be initiated by the end user). It’s can’t be accomplished through an Alexa Routine either.

I do know that the Monocle crew has been attempting this very thing for the past few months (I’m a heavy user of the service as well) and haven’t been able to do it from the skill side of things.

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So, there is no way to do what I want … let’s wait. Please, if you have any up-to-date information, pass me. I would love to see the camera of my doorbell.

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If I figure out a way to do it, I’ll post it here for sure. I’ve been trying to do the same thing for over a year now. I’m hoping the Monocle devs can figure out a way to do it in their skill as that would be super simple. I can trigger skills from both alexa-remote and Routines, so there’s at least a little hope there.


Hi, just wanted to let you know what I did to do similar. I created an Alexa skill which when opens just loads an image/video from my home assistant www folder using external url in code (Lambda) and then when motion at front door I saved the video (which was uploaded via ftp from camera to home assistant) to last_motion.mp4 or last_motion.jpg. Homeassistant then just calls play_media with a routine I created which opens my skill which then displays video or image on last_called Alexa device. Hope it helps someone.

I thought I would have problems getting my skill to be published but it was approved same day.

Hey, so I’d love people to test my free Alexa smart home skill Voice Monkey.

It will allow you via a HTTP API call to send TTS announcements (speech), images and videos to your screen enabled Alexa devices such as the Echo Show.

If you have an MP4 video or image file from your camera accessible through a URL, you can send this URL to Voice Monkey to display on your Echo.

I have HIKVision cameras and if I say to Alexa “Show Front Door”, the screen shows “contacting Home Assistant” and then the picture appears on the Alexa device. Is there really no way that a script can’t do the same? The set up is the same for the push to my Apple Device and it becomes automatically available to Alexa.

So after playing with the ability to point alexa to custom media, I have an answer to this!!! One caveat, is that the cameras have to be know to Alexa.
If that is good, then use this yaml:
service: media_player.play_media
- media_player.<insert_your_echo_show_name
media_content_id: Show
media_content_type: custom

Except that isn’t yaml.

Bill, thanks for this, could I ask you send your complete configuration in code quotes so I can see the format of the camera calls?