Send command via serial interface and parse results into multiple sensors

Hi, i am very new to HA and I am trying to get Information from a PV-String via RS-485 USB-2-Serial adapter from a DC Battery Meter and hope to receive some help here.

To get the Voltage/Ampere/Power/Energy from the Battery Meter i have to send a Read Command like that:
:R50=1,2, 1,

and then parse some of the comma separated values from the reply.
Here’s a description:
Sample reply to above command received:
:r50=1,215,2056,200, 5408,4592,9437,14353 ,134,4112,0,0,162,3068 2,

Description of the received values:
1 represents the communication address;
215 represents the checksum;
2056 represents the voltage of 20.56V;
200 represents current 2.00A;
5408 represents the remaining battery capacity is 5.408Ah;
4593 means the cumulative capacity is 4.593Ah;
9437 represents the watt-hour is 0.09437kw.h;
14353 represents the running time of 14353s;
134 represents the ambient temperature is 34°C;
4112 represents the power of 41.12W;
The rest of the result can be ignored.

I started to code the following config.yaml but I am not sure how to send the command and parse the values and if the rest of the command is ok like this:

# RS-485 serial connection to Junctek KGF-110 Battery Coulemeter to monitor a PV String

  - platform: serial
  - name: rs485usb_KGF-110
    type: serial
    serial_port: /dev/ttyUSB1
    baudrate: 115200
    stopbits: 1 
    bytesize: 8
    parity: N
    timeout: 1
  - platform: command_line
    name: junctek-KGF-110
    scan_interval: 10
    command: echo ":R50=1,2,1," >/dev/ttyUSB1           

  - platform: template
       friendly_name: 'PV1_Voltage'
       unit_of_measurement: V
       scale: 0.01
       device_class: voltage

       friendly_name: 'PV1_Current'
       unit_of_measurement: A
       scale: 0.01
       device_class: current    

       friendly_name: 'PV1_Power'
       unit_of_measurement: A
       scale: 0.01
       device_class: power

       friendly_name: 'PV1_Energy'
       unit_of_measurement: Wh
       scale: 0.01
       device_class: energy
       state_class: total_increasing
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