Send commands to IP (Not soap or rest)

I have a Polycom soundstructure C16. Instead of SOAP or REST, it listens to text commands on port 52774.
I have gone through some posts and see that shell commnd is the way to do it. But all posts are old - and I am not sure if this is the correct wau to do it. The number of commands I want to implement is huge (100s) and shell seems to be a lousy way to do it (and maintain it).

The commnands are something like this -

Increase volume by 1db-
Send to port 52774-
set fader “Amplifier” 1
Reply is -
val fader “Amplifier” 1

So, is there a decent(and maintainable) way to do this? I want to implement volume increase/decrease, mute, unmute etc - and there are 16 channels.(so, 16 amplifiers)