Send commands with SMS?

Is there any way to send commands to HA using SMS replies? For example, could my HA send an SMS notify that says “garage door left open. reply with “C” to close it”. Then I could reply with just C in the body and it would initiate an automation that would close the door?

I’m using the Telegram service for that and it works great

HTML5 (Push) notifications can do this.

It’s interesting you asked this, I just started working on this today as it’s something I want too.

Verify similar to your use case I have my house sending my txts now when I leave a light on or to remind me to put the house in vacation mode. This has been working but I wanted to be able to respond instead of connecting to the vpn, opening the app, etc.

I’m working out how to make it generic enough I don’t have to configure every possible thing I want to control but maybe that’s too much for v1.

I’m using Twilio to send/receive the text messages.

Please keep us posted on progress. This is something I have dreamed of in my house.

It looks like HTML 5 push notifications don’t work with iOS. That eliminates that option for me unfortunately.

I looked at telegram briefly. It looks over my head, but I’ll dig more into it and see if it will work.

yes Telegram looks complicated to setup but it really is not … and you have lots of features including Video/ Picture messages as well automated bot responses or even assign actions for a group of people.

Its worth looking at

I came across Actionable Notifications. Has anyone used this?

I’ve tried everything and they all miss the target which is why I’m moving to txt. Txt is probably more complicated at first but it offers the most flexibility IMHO. With the prices they are it cost $1/month for the number and $1 for 130 messages. An added bonus is if you know the number you could use it from someone elses phone, not sure if that’s useful but it’s there.

Yes they work great. Take a bit of setting up but plenty of videos and threads on how to do this

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