Send daily email with energy usage and cost - how?

Need some help with an energy automation I have in mind please.

To help my household improve their awareness of energy costs (the wife mainly lol) I would like to setup an automation that emails the daily £ amount we have spent on gas and electric.

I have my energy dash setup already (as well as email notification service setup). So hoping this might be straight forward but no idea where to start. Presumably i need to get access to the data in the energy dash somehome… Any pointers on how to do this?

Worst case i have a spare Reolink camera that I will point at my smart meter and take a pic and email lol

Thanks very much


The dashboard itself is hard to get at for notifications, but the sensors you used to configure it are your starting point. Hope you did not need to set those up with your camera :wink:

Since it is dayly use you are after, and you cannot get them from the dashboard (that uses different ways of gathering), first you need to set up a utility meter to get daily results:

If you do. ot mind sending an email close before midnight, you could use that sensor’s state for the notification . If you want to send a push message, then there’s a catch. The utility meter usually resets at midnight (unless you define the start of the day differently). So you need to save the end result somewhere if you do not want to wake your partner. An input helper or trigger template entity could help you store yesterdays use.

If you need more pointers holler, and tell us what part you struggle with.

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If you have all that in place, it’s unclear what’s blocking you.
You can just create a daily triggered automation that will send that email, e.g something similar to

Thanks very much - I will have a crack over the weekend :+1::+1: