Send Google Assistant command to specific device

Hi there, is there any way for Home Assistant to send an Google Assistant command to a specific device?
Maybe to trigger a device which is not accessible via Home Assistant or to trigger a specific Google Assistant device to change the alarm?

There is no way to send a command to a specific device as far as I am aware anyway.

However in your first example of triggering a device that HA does not have access or control over then yes there options as in this case scenario you don’t need to specify or send the command to a specific device as any device will be able to action that request as long as the google command sent includes the room name.

In this case I would recommend you take a look at:

It’s not maintained anymore but still works a treat.

Thanks, I´ve tried this but doesn´t got it to work, so I thought it´s because it´s deprecated.

It’s no longer maintained but still works perfectly