Send HTTP command to other automation platform

First timer on HA been figuring it out since 2 weeks so bear with me…

Im trying to send a HTTP command from Home Assistant to Control4 (other automation platform) But im not really sure how to do it. I’ve tried to do it as the documentation states, but this doesn’t seem to work.

Im trying to send the current thermostat setting to Control4, therefore added this to my configuration:

Rest Api Commands

# Rest Api Commands
    url: http://controller:port/?command=set&proxyID=744&variableID=1150&newValue=
    method: POST
    payload: '{{ state_attr("climate.slaapkamer", "temperature") }}'

just to be clear, if I want to set the temperature to 20 degrees I need to enter the following url in my browser

Any ideas about how to accomplish this are very welcome.

Kind regards,

Sorry guys, seems this was more easy then I expected…

Rest Api Commands

url: ‘http://controller:port/?command=set&proxyID=744&variableID=1150&newValue={{ state_attr(“climate.slaapkamer”, “temperature”) }}’

This code seemed to do the trick for me.