Send ip cam stream to TV on alarm

I have a use-case: When somebody rings a doorbell TV should show IP camera video stream.

  • Door bell is currently analogue, but I am going to connect it with HA somehow, so it will be Event there.
  • IP camera is AXIS, so I can have a RTSP H264 video stream with custom crop.
  • TV has a Mirascreen, so I can send mirror iOS (AirPlay) and Android (Miracast) screen there.

How to glue it together?

I do not know if Miracast supports it, but ideal for performance will be if HA will just controll it and stream will be between camera and TV only and server with HA will not have to route even convert the stream.

I was looking for something like this as well. In my situaton I have an Android TV and use the app Tinycam Monitor to monitor my IP camera. What I need is when the doorbell rings then the TV starts switching to Tinycam Monitor app.

In case the stream you want to see on the TV is available on the network via some URL, you might be able to use the Google Cast functionality of your TV. If HASS already knows about your TV as a media player entity, there should be a media_player.play_media service to which you can pass an URL. Depending on your camera model, casting that stream to your TV could work.


Do you have any Experience with that now? I like to trigger an automation that starts the Stream and turn on my TV by Alexa. I have Samsung TVs, Apple TV and maybe a Chromecast. An other Idea was Plex oder Kodi? The best way is to stream direct to the TV by DLNA. Any Idea?