Send multiple IR signals in one alexa call Broadlink RM

hi, i’m trying to use alexa to increase the volume of my tv via IR using the Broadlink RM mini.

Currently unsure on how to send the IR code multiple times, say 5, to increase the volume by 5, rather than going up one volume per alexa call. my intent currently looks like this

  type: plain
  text: TV volume increasing.
  type: simple
  title: TV Volume
  content: I have turned up the Tv.
  service: switch.turn_on
    entity_id: switch.samsung_tv_volume

The easiest method is to create a script that triggers the volume up or down IR command 5 times.
Then, in your Alexa intent, use that script as the service instead of the volume up/down switch.

You don’t need home-assistant to do this. Once broad link is connected to Alexa skills. Then just call Alexa volume up on Tv 5.
That works for me.