Send notification to the mobile that triggered the event

Hello. I would like that when a mobile triggers an event, it receives a notification to notify that it has been carried out. I know how to send the notification, but only to a previously chosen mobile. I have several mobile phones connected, so I want the notice to reach only the one that caused the event. In my specific case I want to use it with NFC tags, but I understand that this is not relevant.
Thank you very much for the help

Every event fired by the app has a device ID you can use that to determine which device it sent to send a notification

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Thank you very much, I’ll give it a try (I’m a newbie, so everything is hard for me, but I’m persevering)

After a while, I did it when the trigger is an NFC:

service: >-
  notify.mobile_app_movil_{% set person =
  states.person|selectattr('attributes.user_id', 'eq',
  trigger.event.context.user_id)|first %}{{ person.attributes.friendly_name }}
    tts_text: Alarm activated
  message: TTS
enabled: true

But, is it possible to do something similar when the entity is activated directly from the application?
Thank you!