Send notifications to Alexa

I’ve just started on my journey, and I’ve been setting up some automations.
I’m trying to set up notifications to Alexa, and it seems like alexa_media is a common way of doing this. But all the methods seem outdated.

What I’m hoping for is to be able to set notifications that can be read later. I don’t want Alexa to interrupt when HA sends a notification but rather display the yellow ring to inform me that a new notification is waiting.
Is this posable with the current setup?

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I don’t use this personally so I’m not sure it’s still working… Alexa light ring notification - #3 by mwav3

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I can confirm the linked Notifyme skill and associated Node Red nodes are still working, at least for me.

I have Node red flows sending me notifications that will make the yellow light ring glow and when I say “Alexa, what’s my notification” she will read them back to me later.

You probably can work something out right in Home Assistant as well with the Notifyme skill without needing Node Red - I never have myself (since Node red runs most of my automations) but Home Assistant supports posting rest commands