Send photo from camera proxy in notifications for android tv

I’m new to Home Assistant and just got an Amcrest IP2M-841W-V3 to play with and have it on a lovelace dashboard with a few buttons to toggle preset positions, and a notification bar to show when there was motion.
It also flashes an LED strip in my living room and sends a notification to my Firestick when motion is detected.

What I’d love to do is send a photo from the camera to my Fire TV (which is possible via URL or File Path) and send a notification to my phone with the photo.

I know the photo is accessible via the camera proxy, but I read somewhere it requires setting headers to authenticate which I can’t do for most home assistant automations (that I know of).

Is there a method of pulling the most recent image from a specific camera via the camera proxy in an automation as either a file path or URL?

Thanks in advance!