Send sensor data to Blue Iris macro via Rest?

Okay this started as a question, but I have now figured out a way to do it so I’ll share in case anyone else wants to do the same.
I’m trying to send the value of a sensor from my weather station to Blue Iris to overlay on one of my cameras. This is what I cobbled together.
in configuration.yaml I have:

  temptobi: 'curl "{{ states.sensor.smartweatherudp_temperature.state }}°F"'

and my automation is:

alias: Temp To BI
    minutes: '/15'
    platform: time_pattern
  condition: []
  - service: shell_command.temptobi

I built it with the automation editor in 93.1 and it didn’t work. Took me quite a while to figure out that you need the / before the 15 for minutes AND I had to remove hours and seconds from the automation.
I could likely remove the condition line as well since there aren’t any here.

Hope someone can learn something from this.
Now it seems to work well.

I wish I had found this about 4 hours ago. I integrated room temperatures into the overlay macros via files created by pulling info from Home Assistant. Doing it this way is SO MUCH EASIER!

Well some time has past and many updates have come and gone.
This was working for me up until yesterday when I updated the way I get data from my weather station into home assistant and all of a sudden I was getting error 3 from curl which I guess is a malformed URL.
So after a couple hours trying to figure it all out my curl command now looks like this:

temptobi: curl{{ states("sensor.air_ar_00000005_temperature") }}°F

I don’t know what changed, but this now works again at the end of 2022 so if anyone gets here from a search on curl commands and sending data from sensors out of home assistant then maybe this will help.