Send text order/command to Google Home from HA

Hi Team,

When using Alexa I can ask for her routines using the predefined commands. For instance : Alexa.Weather.Play will have the same results than if I say “Alexa, what is the weather for today”. And it works! (Source:

I would like to know if there is some similar commands for the Google Home so I can ask the device to tell me about the weather everymorning by sending the order from a HA automation.

Do you know how to send a message or command to the Google Home from the HA without saying “Ok Google, what is the weather for today” ?

Please, notice that I am not talking about TTS, that is working already, but sending orders to the device from HA without really talking to it so I can use that in my automations.


Hi Marcos,

Did you have any success following that path ?


Nope :frowning:

Didn’t spend much more time to be honest.

Sorry I cannot help more…