Send text with notify to my iPhone to telegram


If have a problem with notify.

Wat is the plan: I want to send the energy totals and cost to my iPhone.

service: notify.hassio
  title: Dagelijkse consumptie
  message: >
    {{ now().strftime('%A %d %B %Y') }}
    Electriciteit verbruikt: {{
    states('sensor.dsmr_day_consumption_electricity_merged') | float}} kWh
    Teruglevering: {{ states('sensor.dsmr_day_consumption_electricity_returned_merged')  float }} kWh
    Gas verbruikt: {{ states('sensor.dsmr_day_consumption_gas') }} m3
    Electriciteitskosten: {{ states('sensor.dsmr_day_consumption_electricity_cost_merged') }}
    Gaskosten: {{ states('sensor.dsmr_day_consumption_gas_cost') }} Euro
    Vaste kosten: {{ states('sensor.dsmr_day_consumption_fixed_cost') }} Euro
    Totale kosten: {{ states('sensor.total_cost_now') }} Euro
The notify telegram option works fine, i can send oneliners to my iPhone. 
Like: someone at the door. :grinning:

I want use this in a automation, at 23:59 everyday.
What is the best option for me?

Thanks in advance for a reply.

Problem solved.