Send tracking of Robot James to Home Assistant and save it on a DB or something

Hello everyone!

I open Topic to see if someone can help me with a problem I have between the connection of a robot called James Robot and the Home Assistant.

The james robot has already configured all the home assistant and gets all the data from this home assistant, but what I want is to send information to the Home assistant.

The robot has its own platform with which it is programmed in a block system, like scratch, and has one of the blocks called MQTT:

If I run this little program, I get in the MQTT Explorer the record of this publication:

What I would not know how to do so that in the home assistant, create me some kind of record or database or logs to make a subscribe to the publish and collect that json, or I do not know very well how it would be done. In Home Assistant I have installed the Mosquitto MQTT addon.

Any idea or help?

Thanks and best regards!