Send values from IFTTT

Hi all,

I’m trying to send data from IFTTT to Home Assistant. I would then like Home assistant to do something with that data. In the example below I wan’t it to simply send it to facebook messenger.

I have set up the test as a script.

  - service: notify.notify
      entity_id: notify.facebook_chat_bot
      message: {"This is a test of 1: {{item A}}, 2: {{item B}} and 3: {{item C}}"}
      target: '+44123456789'

I have facebook messenger working ok with with reading states already within home assistant (such as the location example), and I have IFTTT able to send commands (e.g. volume up / down etc) and trigger scripts.

This is what I have in the ‘body’ section of IFTTT:

{ "entity_id" : "script.facebook_chat_bot", "item A" : "Test 1 ", "item B" : "Test 2" , "item C" : "Test 3"}

Any help would be appreciated,


I figured it out finally! Turns out the ‘Body’ text in IFTTT is not a fan of spaces in the name part.

{"text_a":"Test 1", "text_b":"Test 2" , "text_c":"Test 3"}

with a script set as follows:

    - service: notify.facebook_chat_bot
        message: "This is Text A:{{ text_a }}, This is Text B:{{ text_b }}, This is Text C:{{ text_c }}"
        target: '+44123456789'