Send warning Messages display on choose lcd device

One lcd monitor for showing warning message e.g big text FLASH ‘ALARM’ or “ON AIR” etc

2nd lcd monitor shown status of lights whole house

3rd lcd monitor show CCTV only

All running my same Home Assistant

How do that setup different deshboard on different monitors?

Explain would be ace

3 browser windows, one on each monitor, and each with a specific dashboard and/or dashboard tab.

So you mean each will have different user name right?

All browser windows addressing to one home assistant and different user in each monitor… correct?


I assume all the monitors are connected to the same device. You can have multiple browser tabs/windows open at one time for the same user. Just put one browser window on each monitor.

You would need to create a dashboard or dashboard tab for each view you want to see. Load that specific dashboard in the browser window, drag the window to the monitor you want to see it on.