Send YR temperature with telegram

I have an automation to send a telegram message if the temperature from exceeds a value using
sensor.yr_temperature as a trigger
Using this in the telegram message text like so {{ sensor.yr_temperature }} leads to an error. What is the correct syntax to include this value in the message text?

You probably want:

{{ states('sensor.yr_temperature') }}

But if you’re using that in a numeric_state trigger, then you could also do:

{{ trigger.to_state.state }}

The new " Meteorologisk institutt" integration replacing exposes a weather device. It can be used like so:
{{ state_attr('weather.mylocation', 'temperature')|float}}
Why I get readings from the mentioned sensor.yr_temperature is not clear to me. I only have the new integration active. This was misleading me.

You must have the old integration still in your configuration somewhere if sensor.yr_temperature exists.

Anyway, in your last template you don’t need the “|float” part.

I just double checked. No yr in the GUI, in the config.yaml or custom components. Magic. Maybe the new component exposes this for compatibility. It’s documentation is very poor.

Not sure what to tell you. E.g., I have this in my config:

  - platform: yr
      - symbol
      - temperature

which is why I get that entity.