Sending a command to Google Assistant

Hey all, looking for ideas on how to achieve this. What I want to do is have my Google home hub show my arlo feed when motion is detected. A chime would be great as well.

My current thought is to use ifttt and webhooks to flip a home assistant switch that will trigger an automation to cast the arlo feed to the Google home. I’m not even sure if that’s possible though. I’m struggling to understand how to get this phrase to my Google Asssistant: “hey Google, show me carport camera on kitchen hub”

Is there maybe a way to do it through node red?

FYI I’ve got this partially working. After installing the Hassio add-on Google Assistant Webserver, I used IFTTT to send a webhook to Node Red which triggers an automation to send the command “Show me Carport Camera on Kitchen Display” to Google Assistant. Can’t quite get the additional command 30 seconds later that asks Google Assistant to stop streaming the video. Hoping it’s just a matter of finding the right word combo.