Sending a notification to iphone without IOS Companion

I would like to be able to send a notification to a phone, without that phone having to have any specific application running. IOS, of course, would work, but that requires that IOS be running, and I can’t count on that.

Is there a (no, or very little, cost) way to do this? I think google is eliminating the option needed for the SMS service…

iOS is the phone operating system. That had better always be running or you’re going to have a bad time.

If you mean the home assistant companion app, this does not need to be running either either. Once set up you can force close the app and you will still receive push messages.

Same with Telegram.

if the phone is turned off and then back on, will HAC still be running or would it need to be forced closed again?

yes, IOS will be running on the rpi…

No store apps will be running after a phone restart and the companion app does not ever need to be force closed. I was just pointing out that if you did force close it you would still get push messages.

You may actually need to start the home assistant iOS app after a phone restart to get push messages. Then you can close it. I’m not sure I’ve never tried this.

iOS is the phone operating system. It does not run on a pi.

The iOS integration runs on the pi.