Sending email/sms notification when Xiaomi Gateway sounded alarm/blinking

I have integrated Xiaomi Gateway into my Hassio and I want send email/sms notifications when Xiaomi Gateway sounded alarm/led blinking. Anyone has done that before? Any advise or recommendation how can i configure it as such are much appreciated.

Current Mi Home app is not that useful and has delay.

Thanks in advance.

This is a typical automation. You need to be able to detect the state of the alarm/LED on the gateway. If you can do that (it reports as the state or an attribute of an entity) then you can use your choice of [notification] to send yourself a message.

If you can find the entity, and tell us the state that it goes to when in alarm mode (or if an attribute changes, what that attribute is and what it changes to) we can help you work out what that automation will look like.