Sending Emails from HA

I’m trying to send an email notification from HA which has multiple lines in the body but for the life of me, can’t figure out how to get a new line etc.

I’ve tried
, \n,
which seem to work for some of the examples I have seen on other users configs.

Can someone please advise me. The clients are Mac Mail and Gmail if that helps.


message: >-
  This will be multiline, until
  a new section starts, with different 

Thanks for the quick response.
Could you tell me how I would leave a line ?

and then continue as multi line

According to this, just do an empty line and continue with the next block.

Thanks again for your help and for sending me the link. That was very useful.

I actually had to change the message to message: |- to make it also present blank lines.

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I’m using the Gmail integration. The above didn’t work for me, but I found the following works, leaving here in case it helps someone else.

service: notify.mygmail
  title: Email Test
  message: >- 
    Line One <br \> 
    Line Two
  target: [email protected]