Sending sensor data to ifttt

Im trying to send sensor data from a power meter periodically to a google sheets spreadsheet via ifttt.

can someone please enlighten me where i am wrong, the following json gets me the numerical value of the sensor in templates but purely sends it as text in the automation.

- id: '1573218181707'
  alias: Sensor to ifttt
  description: ''
  - hours: ''
    minutes: '1'
    platform: time_pattern
    seconds: ''
  condition: []
  - data:
      event: event_name
      value1: "{{ states('sensor.main_board_ct1_watts')}}"
    service: ifttt.trigger

Because… you forgot rule #1 of templating :wink:

  1. You must use data_template in place of data when using templates in the data section of a service call.

It’s worth reading the rest of the rules, and the templating docs.

Thankyou. I was sure i had changed that…rookie mistake :nerd_face: