Sending SMS command messages to Devices


I have some remote 4G Routers on our network over VPNs, these occassionaly drop connectivity. I can send a SMS message to the device to reboot them (message is password reboot). I would like to achieve this using HA and have individual buttons to send the SMS to each device on the dashboard.

Can anyone advise on the best way forward?


If there is still 2G around your place you could try to go down that (cheap) road and combine a esp with a sim800l module:

SMS notifications via GSM-modem - Home Assistant (
maybe you’re looking for

Thanks for your replies. I was hoping to use a cloud based sms service. Is this an option? Also if anyone is using this service in such away some example configurations.

Thanks for taking your time to reply

I do have some old 2G GSM modems we have recently pulled out from some client upgrade jobs we did for access control systems. These are DB9 serial connections, that might work with a usb to serial converter. Was hoping to not have to provide a SIM card and go cloud service though