Sending SMS only if android notification fails

Hey guys! I’ve successfully set up a script to send SMS messages with dynamic content. I am also already using the notification service with the companion app to send important notifications to my phone.
I now want to combine these things to produce a sort of fallback channel, so that if the android notification is unable to be sent, I send an SMS instead. Is there any way to check if the android notification was sent successfully? Otherwise I’ll have to try and monitor Internet state and guess at wheter or not a message likely went through. I also don’t want to deliver both an android notification and SMS if it’s not totally necessary.

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Hi, I am also looking for a way to know if the companion application has not had internet access for a while if so I would like to send an sms… the sms will depend on whether the Application can receive the notification if this is not the case then an sms will be sent. I’m always looking

If you use Android, you are in luck:

:smiley: Thank you I test that when I have 2 min!!!
have a good day

I did solve it using confirmation: true, it does work, but sometimes I get the notification and it still hits the 10 second timeout without confirmation. Good enough for me, I can deal with some redundant SMS messages.