Sending sms via smtp

has anyone had any luck sending a notification sms message using one of the carriers mail capabilities…

So… for verizion you are able to send a email message by using the recipients phone number then appending

I know there are other components that require you to have a client on your phone etc… But leveraging HA smtp capabilities would be great!

It WAS working some time ago… Video instructions
I’ve been trying but cant seem to break the nut… I’ve got SMTP working!!
An old thread!

So… I’ll answer my own question… Yes it works

I always try to set up “Script Objects” that do only ONE thing so they can be called by anyone… reusable code Notifications are a great example of this… I have two ways of notifying myself of events now from any automation… by just adding another action block

NOTE: my email notification differs only in the recipient of who gets the message
You must have the smtp: and notify: tags in your configuration.yaml exposed

You set up the notify entity like this… either in your Config.yamal or Notifications.yaml

The notify entry…

- name: sms_email_notification
    platform: smtp
    port: 587
    timeout: 15
    encryption: starttls
    sender: [email protected]
    username: [email protected]
    password: EmailAddressPassword
      - [email protected] #<== vtext is verizions tag 
    sender_name: HA

then you can set up a parameterized script

  alias: Send parameter to sms message
  - service: notify.sms_email_notification
      message: '{{ body }}'
      title: '{{ subject }}'

And then the automation which calls it, in the example below its calling my email notification AND the SMS notification ie two actions

- id: '1569076733304'
  alias: Test Email Prams
  - entity_id: switch.leviton2  #<== I'm using a switch to "exercise" the code
    from: 'off'
    platform: state
    to: 'on'
  condition: []
  - data:
      body: This is the body of the message
      subject: Testing Pramertized Email Messages
    service: script.send_email_message
  - data:
      body: This is the body of the message
      subject: Testing Parameterized SMS Email Messages
    service: script.send_sms_email_message

Big thanks goes out to all the members who figured most of the details and shared their examples… I just had to carry it a short distance!
SMTP Componet
Notify Componet

FYI - for Verizon you can also use [email protected], which will send it as MMS message instead of SMS. MMS allows pictures and longer messages. A web search for MMS via email should return links with carriers’ email formats.