Sending telemetry data via MQTT from Thingsboard to HA

Hi everyone,

I occured a problem with sending collected data from my Thingsboard to homeassistant. My main idea is to send obtained sensor data (I’m using ESP32 with SHT35 hooked up to it) from Thingsboard server, which is a MQTT broker, to my homeassistant, which is going to be client. I don’t have supervisied version, because of homeassistant running as Docker Container.

I am trying to do it using Python and RESTful API, but with no success. I was able to connect to Thingsboard’s telemetry endpoint and successfully save ongoing telemetry to .json file, but I’m stuck on sending it further to homeassistant.

I also have self signed certificate to secure MQTT data flow from ESP32 to Thingsboard using TLS. In the photo is my configuration.yaml snippet
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