Sending the "more actions" button command to WebOS TV

I’ve been trying to find the correct button command that triggers the “more actions” button on my LG CX (the “…” button on the magic remote). That button displays the HDMI CEC actions you can send to the currently selected input device, and makes it possible to send a “home” command to a device, for example.

I tried a lot of variations on “MOREACTIONS” (which would be the logical command, looking at the rest of the commands like “VOLUMEUP”) with no success. Is there a way to list all possible button commands ? Does someone happen to know the command that I’m looking for ?

In theory it does exist, since the LG ThinQ app is able to send that command. I would imagine it’s using the same protocol.

I have the exact same issue. Did you find a solution for this? Maybe it’s somehow possible via one of the command endpoints:

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