Senec solar systems component

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I’ve created the HA integration with the SENEC solar panel and battery system.

It is able to pull information like generated power, power consumed by house and home battery state with charge and discharge values. The information is pulled locally from the battery controller.

It is already possible to install it with HACS, but I’m trying to get pull requests merged so that it is easier to find.

Any feedback is welcome!

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Hi Mikolaj,

are you still developing your SENEC component?

For which SECEC devices does it work?


Hi JoJa1101,

Didn’t spend much time on it recently due to lack of time but the integration works fine. I’m using it with Senec Home V2.1, the wallbox is not yet integrated as I don’t have it and wasn’t able to check the api yet. Anything else is hard to say. Would be interested in positive reports from others that it works.

Okay, I will do so. :slight_smile: I get the Senec Home Hybrid V3 - and Senec Wallbox, too.

Feel free to open issues if you encounter any problems.

I would make the integration more stable if I would have tests for your devices.