Sengled bulbs dropping off the Zigbee network when updating the Core, OS or Z2M

For months I have struggled with all Sengled bulbs dropping off the Zigbee network when I update the Core, OS or Z2M. After update all Sengled bulbs have to be power cycled in order to get them back on the network. I’m generic x86-64 HASSOS with Sky Connect. This has become very tiresome. Ideas?

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Get rid of them. If they are so fragile a reboot or core upgrade requires this effort, they aren’t worth the trouble. If it was just Z2M that causes issues, maybe there is hope, but as you’ve described it I’m surprised they work after you sneeze.


I’m not a fan of the Sengled bulbs. Granted they are one of the very few to remove routing logic (they are end devices), but they are so picky and finicky more often than not. I removed all mine except for 2 light strips (that I still need to get rid of). There are much better bulbs around than Sengleds, imho.

And those are?

very helpful… :roll_eyes:

Ajax bulbs are really good. I have a couple of them in my mesh. Rock solid, never drops. My other go to is Hue bulbs. Also, rock solid (the newer ones) and do very well at routing plus I’ve never had a Hue bulb drop even when it had a really low LQI. Lastly, I’ve heard some people have good success with the Tuya zigbee bulbs as well. I have no experience with them though.

If you’ve got the network to support it, Wiz WiFi bulbs are also a solid choice. I’ve got ~50 of them on my network. Pretty good color support and they have been really good when it comes to staying on the network. I’ve had to replace 2 of them because of a bad chip, but other than that, no issues with them. Plus, they are cheap ($13 for tunable white, $18 for a color bulb).

Not the answer we haven’t even determined what the problem actually is. What if it’s routing and signal? New bulbs would have the same problem…

Personally I ONLY deploy Sengleds SPECIFICALLY because they are not routing devices. But that also means you have to plan for it and your routing mesh has to be well planned and excellent.

So Op? how s your mesh? What’s the log say? What routing devices do you have? Have you checked interference etc. There’s a ton before dumping the bulbs.

Id go down a troubshooting path before declaring the bulbs - ESPECIALLY these because of the unique effect they would have on a Zigbee mesh…

How would an OS update or Core update impact routing and signal? The OP stated:

“all Sengled bulbs dropping off the Zigbee network when I update the Core, OS or Z2M. After update all Sengled bulbs have to be power cycled in order to get them back on the network.”

This is not indicative of a routing or signal issue. I could believe an update to Z2M might have some relation to the problem, but the other 2? I can’t make that logical connection.

We don’t know because we don’t have logs. It could be Z2M barfed and the devices became unavailable.

Ive been doing this long enough to ask for logs before jumping to conclusions and I also know those bulbs are some of the best behaved in the business. So. Logs then conclusions not the other way around.

I thought, perhaps, that someone else had experienced this. Nevertheless, I can repeat this result each time and have so for months. May not make sense but happens in any case. Very weird?.. yes. Routing?.. Signal?.. :man_shrugging: I’ve got Sonoff switch routers all over this place. I have several dozen other zigbee devices that all function perfectly for some time now. It’s just all these Sengled Element color temp, Color Plus and Plain Jane warm whites that are affected. May give these away and replace with WiFi bulbs. I have several unused sub-nets I could place them on and be done with it. What specific logs should I share?

I’m having the same issue except with ZHA and it’s all blubs/lights.