Sengled E11-G13 light bulb communication

So I have three bulbs in a chandelier (the bottom one is actually the color version of the E11-G13). When these lose communications, they usually don’t come back unless I “wake them up” by turning the light switch (normally taped down during this testing phase) on and off to force a reboot (not a full 10x rapid reset but just a soft reboot by turning the switch off a few seconds). If I was to leave a bulb like this alone for a week, would it ever come back online, or is the experience usually that when a device discoes, it never comes back with a “reboot”? The one that went offline first appeared to have a better zigbee connection than the later one to go offline, so I am not thinking the weak signal is what caused it to go offline.

What are they routing through (if anything)?

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They are not as my routers seemed to be messing things up, so I wanted to run for a couple weeks without routers before I added them back in. The bulbs are all in the same fixture, so I am surprised to see the difference in signal quality, but that is all part of my data gathering before I introduce another variable (the routers) back into the network.

Are those your only three devices connected? This reads to me like you’re hitting a device limit somewhere.

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You may be right. I have around 28 Zigbee devices total – so I am getting close to the limit of a ConBee II. Maybe time to introduce one new router. I think I’ll do that now.