Sengled Element BR30 Lights

I have 8 of these lights and they work awesome.
Just have the light bulbs not their hub
Was wondering if anyone had figured out how to update the firmware
If you open their app it will only work if it sees their hub.

Are they Zigbee? If so, you’ll need a hub. I use SmartThings

Yes, they are Zigbee and it appears he/she already has a “hub” as they are working “awesome”. Not sure why they would want to introduce another home automation piece and fragment things out.

Yes they are Zigbee
I Use the HUSBZB-1 stick

Just looking for a way to keep the firmware updated.

Wanted to revisit this and see if anyone found a way to update the
Sengled bulbs without having their hub?

Was considering getting one of their hubs and then just using it to connect each
buld and then update them and then add them back to my HA zha.
But would probably have to re-connect all of them, which I now have 15 of them
and that does not sound like fun.

Just thought with all of the stuff with Sonoff custom firmware and other great
things for HA someone would have figured a way to do this.

Maybe not enough people are using the Sengled Lights.
They are the first ones I bought and have had great luck with them.

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I would also like to know if it’s possible to update the firmware on the Sengled bulbs. I am having trouble with transitions working (i.e. they don’t work) and am wondering if a firmware update would help. I am also using the HUSBZB-1 stick.


HUSBZB-1 probably not, but Zigbee2MQTT can update the firmware

OTA updates #

This feature allows to update your Zigbee devices over-the-air.

Not all manufacturers make their updates available, therefore only the following devices support it:

  • Sengled devices
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That is great news.
I don’t use Zigbee2MQTT
Any chance of this working with ZHA?

If I wanted to play around with Zigbee2MQTT would I loose
all of my ZHA stuff that is working and will it work with the HUSBZB-1
from what I have seen looked like it needs the conbee stick.

Thanks for the info

Due to some issues with some of my Zigbee devices, I can tell you that I have reset a zigbee device (i.e disconnected it from ZHA from the device side) and then re-added it to ZHA and it was given the same entity_id in HA. Therefore, all of my existing automations/scripts/etc. still worked after re-adding the Zigbee device

I have the same issues some times and just have to power down and do
the ZHA add device and that fixes the issues for a while.

The main question I was asking is if Zigbee2MQTT works with the HUSBZB-1 stick.

Does anyone know if the firmware update for Sengled bulbs listed above
for Zigbee2MQTT will work with ZHA and a HUSBZB-1 stick or can be added?

This now support the BR30 Bulbs Its still a work in progress.


An old thread… but the only one I could find on this for sengled firmware upgrading without the sengled hub.

I also use the HUSBZB-1 stick… previously I had a sengled hub and it upgraded all my active bulbs. I have since introduced a couple more and noticed the firmware level is older.

Anyone been successful in upgrading firmware on Sengled Zigbee bulbs w/o sengled hub? If yes, please send us some notes on the procedure.

Updated bulb

Outdated bulb

bummer… got back to my old post and looks like nobody has bitten on this thread.
as time continues, I’ll most likely be upgrading all my sengled bulbs to led wafers as part of a remodel.

while I like the idea of colors, most of the time I find myself using temperature over color… so back to a simpler scheme. (white temperature/dimmable bulb connected to a wifi dimmer switch)

Looking for help with this problem, any updates? I have a Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 stick and just added some Sengled bulbs. I’d like to get the firmware updated on them but it seems I’ll need to buy the Sengled hub unless I can find a way to do it through HA. Currently using ZHA.

I am surprised with how long ago I made this post and noting has been done with it.
Especially with how popular Sengled Bulbs have become.

I was chasing the always have to update bug for a while and found a way to update the firmware
on my Sengled bulbs a long time ago but can’t remember how I did it.

Seams like this is now supported thru Home Assistant with ZHA.

If the only issue is no one has the firmware files here is a link I found that has some of them.
Maybe someone could update Home Assistant to support the Sengled bulbs.

I have not bothered with another firmware update after that and all of my Sengled bulbs work
perfectly and I have added 6 more with no issues.

Sometimes unless you have a specific issue their may not be a need to keep the firmware updated.

Here is another link I saw that may be helpful.

Trying to recall what I did to update the fimware.
I had to create a folder in HA called.
and copy the firmware files into that directory.

This was yaml I had to add to my configuration.yaml file and then do a restart.
After the firmware updates were done you want to comment out these commands
and then do another restart.

#New added to to Sengled Firmware updates
  default: info
    homeassistant.components.zha: debug
    zigpy: debug

      otau_directory: /config/zigpy_ota
      ikea_provider: true
      ledvance_provider: true 

#New added to debug ZHA issues
  default: info
    homeassistant.core: debug
    homeassistant.components.zha: debug
    bellows.zigbee.application: debug
    bellows.ezsp: debug
    zigpy: debug
    zigpy_cc: debug
    zigpy_deconz.zigbee.application: debug
    zigpy_deconz.api: debug
    zigpy_xbee.zigbee.application: debug
    zigpy_xbee.api: debug
    zigpy_zigate: debug
    zhaquirks: debug

Did you follow these instructions?