Sengled Motion Sensor PAR38 E13-N11

I’m wondering if anyone has any pointers on where I can find out all the parameters for a ZigBee bulb like the Sengled E13-N11. My ZigBee integration picked it up fine, and I see motion alarms, can turn the bulb on/off and can set brightness. But I’d like to tweak it’s settings for motion sensitivity, how long the light stays on, etc. My understanding is that these will be in the Cluster Attributes on the device – and for some of my other ZigBee or Z-Wave devices the products came with charts indicating what all the parameters were, and their valid value ranges. This product didn’t include any charts, and my Google-Fu is failing me.


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I, too, would love for this device to be added to the database. I have never done a new one from scratch, and got a bit lost in the guides. But having a motion sensor AND led light in one package seems like it could be super useful. I have one of these bulbs in my system and even got it to connect to Zigbee, but it doesn’t know how to use it properly.

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Did anyone ever make any progress with this? I get the bulb, metering, and motion sensing entities when I add the bulb, but there isn’t any clear information on how to adjust how long the light stays on or it’s sensitivity. Even if there is a ‘hack’ way to adjust those properties, it would be nice to have the information.

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I still haven’t found any documentation, and playing around with some of the clusters I still haven’t been able to make any meaningful guesses as to the values needed to turn off Motion detection, or adjust how long it stays on/off – perhaps if someone has a Sengled Hub they might be able to somehow snoop the values needed – since their hub + app seems to support the settings:

Going to go ahead and revive this thread, rather than start a new one. I recently purchased this bulb, as well. Am also interested and hunting for more info on the clusters, as you asked.

I’m using zigbee2mqtt with it, and while I get bulb control and an motion (occupancy) sensor, I do not get a lumen (light level) sensor. Does anyone else? Also, I noted that the sensor triggered last night (early morning) and the light came on, but I do not see the lamp as reporting having turned on: do you see the lamp turn on as well, and report that status in HA?