Sengled Outlet controller - no instantaneous power sensor

I am running latest (as of today) HA with the Zigbee2MQTT integration. I recently added a Sengled E1C-NB7 smart plug that reports power usage. It added no problem, after which I had a control entity, an energy sensor and a power sensor. But the power sensor was identified as “Diagnostic” and not automatically added to the Default dashboard.

In the HA Developer docs, it states;

Set to diagnostic for an entity exposing some configuration parameter or diagnostics of a device but does not allow changing it, for example a sensor showing RSSI or MAC-address.

How is the power sensor different from the energy sensor in the fact neither can be changed, but only 1 is identified as “Diagnostic”? The energy sensor was added automatically to the Default dashboard.

So I have 2 questions;

  1. Why can’t the power sensor identification be overridden? (meaning the Diagnostic tag)
  2. When I try to use the “Add to dashboard” in the Device Info page, it does not work if I choose the Default dashboard. It claims “No config found.”

No one has any ideas or thoughts on this?

I have the same issue with my power plugs. Only kWh shows up as a ‘normal’ sensor. The others are all diagnostic (watts/amps/voltage) - annoying as I want to show watts on the default dashboard.